Mindfulness Funded Courses

Through support  from Primary Health Tasmania under the Government’s Primary Health Networks Program, MPA has been funded to run Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy courses, and adapted programs in regions across the state until June 2018. A suite of delivery methods will ensure that all Tasmanians who at minimum have a phone and reception can participate in a course. MPA is offering phone, online/skype, or face to face courses. Some remote regions who may not have the population to support a full face to face course will receive the benefit  of Workshops run over 3  days.

Face to face courses are available for Devonport, Ulverstone, Burnie, Launceston, St Helens, Glenorchy, Hobart and Blackmans Bay, with Workshops in Latrobe, Kentish, Flinders Island, Central Highlands, Southern Midlands and Dodges Ferry. These regions were selected in consultation with Primary Health Tasmania. Participants may want to consult with their GP or Mental Health clinician to ensure this service is right for them or self- refer. Online and phone courses are run throughout the year and dates for face to face courses are below.

Course dates for the face to face programs are: Dev. Oct 16th 10am, Launceston Oct 20th 10.30am, Glenorchy Oct 17th 6.30pm, Hobart Feb 7th 10am *, Ulverstone Feb 8th 10am *, Burnie April 17th 10am*, and St Helens  May 4th* (* dates/times TBC)
Workshops: Latrobe Oct 15th Introduction to Mindfulness, Nov 12th Mindful Living & Dec 10th Day of Mindfulness, these can be attended individually or you can register for all 3 sessions as the Mindfulness Skills build on each other.

North West registrations please contact: Psychology Caffe on 03 6426 3050 or admin@psychologycaffe.com.au

Northern, East Coast and Southern registrations please contact: Tess Crawley & Assoc on 03 6223 2244.