Mindfulness for Addictions

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) integrates mindfulness practices with traditional relapse prevention strategies offering skillful ways to work with addiction. Mindfulness practice offers the opportunity to know oneself including strengths, traits, patterns, triggers and urges; the good the bad and the ugly. Through the 8 week program, self-compassion is built and this allows self-directed change to occur. Each session is 2 hours and home practice is encouraged with all resources provided.

MBRP includes sessions on:

  • Automatic Pilot and Relapse
  • Awareness of Triggers and Craving
  • Mindfulness in Daily Life
  • Mindfulness in High Risk Situations
  • Acceptance and Skillful Action
  • Seeing Thoughts as Thoughts
  • Self-Care and Lifestyle Balance
  • Social Support and Continuing Practice

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