Learn Skills to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression & Increase Wellbeing

Our Mindfulness Programs are aimed at reducing stress, anxiety and depression and increasing the wellbeing of all adult Tasmanians. Participants report feeling less reactive, calmer and with a greater understanding of themselves and how to respond to life’s challenges. In the 2 or 2.5 hrs  each week over 8 weeks, participants practice self-regulation (settling) and insight (awareness) skills through mindfulness, experiential activities and discussions. Between sessions you are supported to practice and implement these skills daily.

Courses are run throughout the year in major towns and cities. You can also link in with small groups in some rural areas or from your own home with your computer or phone to a live teacher. Courses are free and supported by Primary Health Tasmania under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program. They are for adult Tasmanians experiencing or at risk of mild to moderate stress, anxiety or depression. They are not suitable for those experiencing more serious issues such as trauma, suicidality or psychosis, significant substance use, a life crisis or if you aren’t able to be in a group.

Please see below for more information on the different courses and use the “When does the next course start?” link at the bottom of the page to see what courses are available in your region.

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) – Over the 8 week course, participants develop skills in identifying early signs of stress. Our programs support people to move to ways to reduce this and improve their wellbeing. Research shows that this course can be beneficial for those experiencing stress, anxiety and or depression.

MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) – Is similar to MBSR but with a more targeted focus on depression, and prevention of further episodes. Participants will practice mindfulness as a way of recognizing habits of thought, body, emotion and action, and of responding in new ways. Research shows that in many cases this course has the same efficacy as taking anti-depressant medications and enables us to engage in our lives to the fullest extent.

Referrals are not required and please contact us on 0488 064 228 to help you find the right program or service for you.

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