Mindfulness Programs Australasia strives to create environments where people learn how to activate their innate capacity to reduce stress in their lives. We support people to live more aligned with their values; to live mindfully.

MPA aims to provide the gold standard in the delivery of mindfulness based programs and educational, clinical and therapeutic services for the wellbeing of our community.

MPA is a partnership between Psychology Matters and Zen Wellbeing Services. These organizations have a long history of providing therapeutic, educational and clinical services in the areas of mental health and wellbeing. Together they form a partnership enabling Mindfulness Based Programs to be delivered in local, rural and remote communities where access to empowering, person centered group programs may not be otherwise widely available.

Christine Hiltner

Christine is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher, a Yoga Instructor and a Social Worker. Christine has additional specialist training in yoga for trauma and anxiety, addictions, family work and developing educational programs. With these mix of skills, Christine focuses on the mind body connection for healing and uses strengths based, person centered approaches for assisting people to enable their own capacities for engaging fully in life.

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Miranda Stephens

Miranda is a Clinical Psychologist, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy Teacher and a Lecturer at the University of Tasmania. Miranda has facilitated MBSR courses since 2011 in rural and remote communities and brings her clinical expertise, educational approaches and experience in working with rural communities and facilitating groups, to her courses. Miranda believes in the importance of living a life according to our values and in the gift that mindful living can offer us.

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