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Mental Health Week 2020

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 2020 Mental Health Week!

THANK YOU for sharing your wise words and wonderful artwork, and for coming together to learn strategies for our own wellbeing and to celebrate those who support us in this. We do all have a role to play! Thank you for helping build an understanding that we CAN shape our emotions and lives. We CAN be in charge of our body systems and our attention, and direct ourselves to activities, people and places that nurture us and our wellbeing.

Ongoing practice sessions

We have a number of ways to help you sustain your mindfulness practice:

If you’ve completed a course with us, join us online to practice together at 7:30am each Monday morning, 7pm Tuesday evenings and 8pm Thursday evenings until the end of June 2021. Email admin@mindfulnessaus.com.au for the link and more details. 

If you’ve completed a course with us, we regularly offer reconnection sessions. Coming up next is our  Day of Mindfulness in Launceston (10am to 4pm) in May. These days are free of charge but only for past participants (look out for an email from us with all the details). You can also contact us at: admin@mindfulness.com.au telling us which course you’ve completed and we’ll send you the booking details:

Launceston Saturday 29 May 2021 – 10am to 4pm

Please follow us on Facebook for occasional live online practices suitable for beginning adults and adolescents, and those wanting to reconnect or refresh their practice. There is a chance to ask questions and try mindfulness in different ways. 

 And don’t forget there are lots of audio tracks on our Resources webpage, updated regularly.


Upcoming Courses

Applications are open for the following courses:

Course NameDateLocationTimePlaces Available
Deloraine 3 Day Workshop MBSR20-Jun 04-Jul 18-JulDeloraine10.00am to 4.00pmYes
Burnie in-person MBCT27-Apr-21Burnie10.00am to 12.30pmApplications Closed
Launceston in-person MBCT05-May-21Riverside6.00pm to 8.30pmApplications Closed
Hobart in-person MBSR06-May-21Hobart6.00pm to 8.30pmApplications Closed
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Wait list for the next online course

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