Mindfulness Courses

We have a range of options available for you to participate in a course or workshop with us. Our programs are offered in person in major cities and regional areas within Tasmania. If you can’t get to one of those or if it suits you better, you can join an online course. Information about our different course types and a calendar of available courses is provided below. You can select your chosen course in the Application Form or opt to go on our waitlist if there isn’t anything nearby just yet. Check back regularly for new course offerings. 

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Free Courses for Tasmanian Residents

Learn Skills to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression & Increase Wellbeing

Our Mindfulness Programs are aimed at reducing stress, anxiety and depression and increasing the wellbeing of all adult Tasmanians. Participants report feeling less reactive, calmer and with a greater understanding of themselves and how to respond to life’s challenges. In the 2.5 hr sessions  each week for 8 weeks, or over a 3-4 day workshop, participants practice self-regulation (settling) and insight (awareness) skills through mindfulness, experiential activities and discussions. Between sessions participants are supported to practice and implement these skills daily.

Programs are run at least once or twice per year in our cities and larger regional areas, and we do visit rural and remote areas as well, but less often. Courses are either face to face, or online (linking in from your own home or office using a computer, tablet or phone to connect with the teacher in a “live online” format). The teachers provide guided practices and exercises and there are opportunities to discuss and ask questions. 

Our programs are free and supported by Primary Health Tasmania under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program, however eligibility requirements apply. They are designed for adult Tasmanians experiencing or at risk of mild to moderate stress, anxiety or depression. If more serious issues are being experienced such as traumatic responses, suicidality or psychosis, significant substance use, if people are in the middle of a life crisis or aren’t able to be in a group environment, then we suggest talking to your GP about one to one support or therapy until you’re ready to join a program with us.

Please see below for more information on the different programs and use the “Find a Course or Event Near You” calendar at the bottom of the page to see what courses are available in your region. 

Interested in Professional Development?

Short courses or programs for your organisation. Now available online.

MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) – Over the 8 week course, participants develop skills in identifying early signs of stress in whichever form it appears for you – anxiety, rumination, habits you want to change, pain etc. Our programs support people to move to ways to reduce the stress and improve wellbeing. Research shows that this course can be beneficial for those experiencing stress, anxiety, chronic pain or depression. 

MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) – Is similar to MBSR but with a more targeted focus on depression, and prevention of further episodes. Participants will practice mindfulness as a way of recognizing habits of thought, body, emotion and action, and of responding in new ways. Research shows that in many cases this course has the same efficacy as taking anti-depressant medications and enables us to engage in our lives to the fullest extent.

Mind Your Self is a new program for Tasmania in 2023 providing information, education and skills practice to build emotional literacy for Tasmanian adults who may be experiencing stress. 1 hour per week, for 4 weeks. Mind Your Self is rolling out statewide, and will be delivered online as well as in-person at several locations. Keep an eye on the table below as dates become available and follow the links to apply for this and our other courses.

Please see the table below for courses currently available. Alternatively you may contact us at admin@mindfulnessaus.com.au or phone 0488 064 228 to help find the right program or service for you. Please note that referrals are not required.

If no courses or places are available, you can still apply and join our waitlist (select this option while completing the Application Form) and we’ll let you know as soon as one becomes available.

Courses AvailableDateLocationTimePlaces Available
Port Sorell 8 Week MBSR Course1st July 2024Port Sorell6pm to 8.30pmYes
Online 8 Week MBSR Course2nd July 2024Online11am to 1pmNo - full
Launceston 8 Week MBSR Course6th August 2024Launceston10am to 12.30pmYes
Mind Your Self 4 Week Course15th August 2024Hobart / Online 10.30am to 12.00pmYes
Hobart 8 Week MBSR Course1st October 2024Hobart5pm to 7.30pmYes
AM Online 8 Week MBSR Course15th October 2024Online10.30am to 12.30pmYes
PM Online 8 Week MBSR Course15th October 2024Online6.30pm to 8.30pmYes
Wait list for the next in-person course
Wait list for the next online course

If no places are available in the course near you, you can still apply and join our waitlist.

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Thank you for your interest in attending a Mindfulness Program. Before we can book you in, an application form needs to be completed so we can ensure you are getting the right course for your current needs. To apply, please fill in the form below and we will be in contact with you. If you would prefer to chat, please call us on 0488 064 228.

Please note: these funded courses are available for Tasmanian adults (over 18) and are not suitable for those seeking professional development. Click here for professional development. If you are not living in Tasmania contact us to find out when we are next running a self funded course or check out www.openground.com.au.