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high qualiy video

Audio tracks have been professionally recorded and edited so you get a fantastic listening experience.


Designed to be easy for students to use and to find the track you need.

on most smartphones

Designed to work on both Android and iOS, meaning you can use it on the majority of smartphones.

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You are able to download any of our audio tracks to listen to them offline.

More About Mindful Wellbeing

Our tracks have been professionally recorded and are designed to provide comprehensive support to MPA program participants throughout their course and in ongoing practice. Each track has been crafted by our highly skilled teachers and are thoughtfully categorised for ease of use. With our user-friendly interface, finding the perfect track to enhance your learning experience has been made easy. Our commitment to providing top-quality support to our students is evident in every aspect of our app design.

User-friendly design

Designed to support learning

Created by highly-skilled professionals

Access is included in MPA courses

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The full app is available to students in current and upcoming courses. Guest access is available to anyone and includes free access to some of our best beginner and ongoing practice tracks. Just download the app to try it out!

If you are a member of the public or a past student interested in getting access to all the available tracks, stay tuned!